Good Reading

This page started out as a place for comments on a random selection of books I’ve read.  I planned to add to the list when I read a book, but didn’t always remember.  Once I discovered GoodReads I decided to use that instead and I recommend that you do too.  I still don’t find the time to add all the books I read, but at least on Goodreads there are always others adding their own views. I’m gradually adding the books from my original list to GoodReads, but while this sentence remains, the task is underway.

How do I rate books?  Purely subjectively.  Some books I enjoy, some I don’t.  These days if I don’t get on with a book, I don’t finish it, so if I’ve listed it, it kept me reading.  If a book catches my mood, I can read it over and over, sometimes restarting the moment I’ve read the last page.

I have great difficulty with the question “What is your favourite book?” or “Who is your favourite author?”  The answer can change day to day, hour by hour.  It depends on my mood, on what else is happening in my life, whether I am sitting down to read regularly or just snatching fragments of a book in bits of time between being busy with other stuff.

See below for some of my books on GoodReads.  And click here to go and explore for yourself.