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HOW TO BE A FANTASTIC WRITER: a handbook for authors of commercial fiction. 
co-authored with Danuta Reah.


Where’s the best place for a novel to start? How do you tell? What pulls a reader into one book over another? What do you do if you can’t get any tension into a scene that should be high-drama? How do you lift a scene that seems to drag? Are you fed up with staring at a blank page? Read a review here.

The toolkits take you step by step, element by element and give you the components you need for every stage of your novel.


“It’s the added baggage that goes with the writing that stops many aspiring textbook writers in their tracks”

Take the pain out of the process – from the initial idea and how to pitch it – through the development of the irresistible proposal – to structure and development of the book itself.

Now out of print.