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This is an intermittently added-to page of new books as they come out. No criteria, just books as I hear of them that are newly published.


Horse of a Different Colour – Melodie Trudeaux.


Edge of Arcadia – Ken Reah.

January 2012

The Road Beneath Me (hardback) by Jessica Blair
Secrets of a Whitby Girl (paperback) by Jessica Blair
The Harbour Girl by Val Wood

November 2011

Annie Raymond, PI, series out in paperback
Like False Money, The Doll Makers, The Jawbone Gang by Penny Grubb

A Father For Daisy (Historical Romance) by Karen Abbott

May 2011

The Jawbone Gang (crime – Annie Raymond PI) by Penny Grubb

Blind Justice at Wedlock (Black Horse Western) Ross Morton

April 2011

Hold On To your Dreams (Large Print Regency novella) by Karen Abbott
A Most Rebellious Debutante (Large Print) by Karen Abbott
The New Lord Westlake (Large Print Regency novel – Linford Romance series) by Karen Abbott
A Love Worth Waiting For (Large Print Contemporary Romance) by Karen Abbott
A Most Rebellious Debutante by Karen Abbott

January 2011

The Kydd Inheritance (Regency romance) by Jan Jones

Murder Fortissimo by Nicola Slade

The Tarnished Star (western) by Jack Martin

Arkansas Smith (western) by Jack Martin

December 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam (crime)  by Keith Moray

November 2010

Winter’s Children (a Dales story with a Christmas theme) - Leah Fleming

The Pardoner’s Crime (historical crime) by Keith Souter

 Crime by Keith Moray in hardback and large print:

 Westerns by Clay More in hardback and large print:

  • Stampede at Rattlesnake Pass (western) by Clay More
  • A Rope for Scudder (western) by Clay More
  • Double-dealing at Dirtville (western) by Clay More
  • Nemesis for the Judge (western) by Clay More
  • Raw Deal at Pasco Springs (western) by Clay More

October 2010

A Medal for Murder (crime – a Kate Shackleton mystery) – Frances Brody

September 2010

Large print and audio

  • A Mother‘s Sacrifice (19th century Yorkshire saga) – Catherine King
  • Dying in the Wool (crime – a Kate Shackleton mystery) – Frances Brody
  • Cry Baby – Fay Cunningham
  • A Dangerous Refuge (romantic suspense) – Anne Hewland
  • Blighted Inheritance (Regency suspense) – Anne Hewland
  • Snow Hall – Elizabeth Gill

August 2010

August is holiday month and a time for rereading old favourites.

July 2010

e-book and other formats

  • Heir to Rowanlea (Regency) Sally James
  • A Clandestine Affair (Regency) Sally James

June 2010

  • The Doll Makers (crime) – Penny Grubb. CWA DEBUT DAGGER WINNER
  • Supervising Sally (Ulverscroft edition) – Marina Oliver
  • Woodland Daughter (audio book) – Anne Whitfield
  • Floating Gold (Nautical Fiction) – Margaret Muir
  • The Condor’s Feather (Historical Equestrian adventure LP) – Margaret Muir

May 2010

  • A Most Rebellious Debutante , Karen Abbott
  • Stay With Me (Historical Saga, (paperback) Jessica Blair
  • Long Way Home and Dangerous Shores (Historical Sagas, omnibus edition. paperback) Jessica Blair
  • Lady Farquhar’s Butterfly (Regency historical) – Beverley Eikli
  • April and May (Regency romance) – Beth Elliott

April 2010

  • The Broken Circle (Crime) – Shirley Wells
  • Relative Strangers (Romantic Suspense) – Shirley Heaton
  • The Killing Club (Crime) – Angela Dracup
  • Black Water Canyon (Western) Jim Bowden
  • Sealed Secrets (Historical Saga) Jessica Blair
  • The Man From Cheyenne Wells (Western) Floyd Rogers.
  • Brazo Feud (Western) Jim Bowden

March 2010

  • Coming Home (Regency) – Vonnie Hughes
  • Shadow of the Wolf – Michael Parker
  • A Covert War (thriller) – Michael Parker
  • Faith and a fast gun – Chap O‘Keefe

February 2010

  • An Italian Affair (thriller) — Loren Teague
  • Like False Money (crime) – Penny Grubb NOMINATED FOR JOHN CREASEY DAGGER
  • The Darcy Cousins (Regency/Jane Austen spinoff) – Monica Fairivew.
  • Fair Deception (Regency) – Jan Jones SHORTLISTED FOR THE RNA LOVE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD 2010
  • Follow your star – Jennie Bohnet
  • Sleeping Dogs (Crime) – Fay Cunningham

January 2010

  • Scandal at the Dower House – Marina Oliver
  • Fortunate Wager (Regency Romance) – Jan Jones
  • The Other Mr Darcy (Regency/Jane Austen spinoff) – Monica Fairview
  • Death is the Cure – Nicola Slade
  • Two Gentlemen From London (Regency adventure) – Fenella-Jane Miller
  • In All Honour – Beth Elliott
  • THE $300 MAN – Ross Morton
  • Supervising Sally (Regency) – Marina Oliver
  • The Accidental Marriage (Regency) – Marina Oliver
  • A Disgraceful Affair (Regency) – Marina Oliver