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Featuring private investigator, Annie Raymond, and Detective Ayaan Ahmed.

Annie is dismissive of her current assignment. These everyday cases are routine to her now. She takes time out to visit old acquaintances, at the ramshackle local firm that she worked for years ago. Whilst sharing gossip and coffee, she keeps half an eye on the surveillance she is being paid to do, but her attention is drawn to a potential betrayal by a close colleague.

What is her boss, the enigmatic Pieternel, up to now?

Shadowing Pieternel is a tricky business, but while her focus is on problems close to home, the apparently routine job takes a nasty turn. Annie has misinterpreted events badly and taken her eye off the ball.

Suddenly, danger lurks round every corner and nothing is as it seems.


The 30-year old rusting hulk of a get-away car…
A middle-aged woman’s suicide 15 years ago…
The city’s traffic systems hacked…
Detective Superintendent Martyn Webber knows where to focus his resources – on the present. Yet when past sins return to haunt him, and a manipulative teenager hoodwinks his team, he has to question whether he’s overlooked a link that places more than his reputation on the line?
And who in the force’s hierarchy is orchestrating the behind-the-scenes agenda?
Someone with a very long memory, and an even longer reach.



Just another unfaithful husband? It’s all in a day’s work for Annie Raymond until her quarry pitches her into the middle of a police enquiry. The last person Det. Supt. Martyn Webber wants to encounter is a private investigator. He isn’t free of the complications of the last one he met. As well as being the 5th in the Annie mystery series, this is book 1 in the Webber & Ahmed police procedural series, Read a review here.


(Annie mysteries book 4) When Annie’s arch-critic, Barbara Thompson, goes to extraordinary lengths to seek her help, Annie doesn’t have to play along, but curiosity wins and she has to know why. It’s when someone gets to Barbara first that Annie realises Barbara was playing a dangerous game.  And now it’s too late to walk away. She’s left with guesswork, supposition and the knowledge that whoever silenced Barbara now thinks Annie herself knows too much. Read a review here.


""(Annie mysteries book 2) Her man’s a convicted murderer, but Brittany Booth is determined to save him by flushing out the witness who failed to come forward. Unluckily for private investigator, Annie Raymond, both sides come to her. With her ex’s new fiancé in a position to make life very difficult, this tangled nightmare is the last thing Annie needs as she fights for a way out of a stalled chapter in her own life. Read a review here.

THE DOLL MAKERS: International award winner

""(Annie mysteries book 3) Annie always planned to return home one day to face her childhood demons, but not like this with disaster stalking her every move. Horrified, she watches loose ends tie one of her cases to a far off police enquiry in a way that leaves her holding vital evidence. And someone close is determined she will never deliver it. Read a review of this book.

LIKE FALSE MONEY: John Creasey Dagger nominee

""(Annie mysteries book 1) Can fledgling PI Annie Raymond cut it on her own when faced with a job she can’t do, a boss who hasn’t a clue who she is, and a schoolgirl ready to blacken her name to save her own skin? Annie resolves to do her best for grieving mother Martha Martin but finds herself entangled in a web of rumour and deceit. She finds the truth but is it too late? Not only has she walked into a trap, she has also led a young girl into mortal danger. Read a review here.